Class Offerings

Trauma-informed Negotiation and Consent

More and more, our society continues to understand how trauma shapes our very lives and relationships. This is especially true in the leather, kink, and BDSM communities as we consider what to do if a partner becomes “triggered.” Join cody as they unpack the meanings behind “trauma,” “negotiation,” and “consent” and facilitate interactive discussion of how we may navigate discussions of negotiation and consent with trauma in mind. The purpose of this discussion is for participants to begin understanding how trauma can unexpectedly rear its head in relationships and play, and what steps they can take to adequately prepare and address those situations when they arise. 

Important Note – The discussion is a safe space; however, given the nature of the class’s theme, you are strongly encouraged to prepare a respite plan/aftercare routine ahead of time

Between Extremes: Playing Safely with BPD

While Borderline Personality Disorder continues to receive more medical attention in not only understanding the condition but in developing various treatment methods, the stigma around BPD continues. In this class, we will explore Borderline Personality Disorder, it’s common traits and expressions, and how we can safely engage in kink and BDSM as folks with BPD and as current/future partners. The purpose of this class is to de-stigmatize BPD, introduce empathy and safety, and broaden community understanding, as mental health always inform our relationships with ourselves and each other. 

Representations of Leather in Literature

Calling all kinky and leather-clad bookworms! Do you remember your first erotic fiction that turned you towards the leather lifestyle? What does leather even look like in fictional literature? Join cody coyote as we get acquainted with some of the classic and current representations of leather in literature, from John Rechy’s City of Night (1963) and John Preston’s Mr Benson (1979) to the more recently published The Killer Wore Leather (2013) by Laura Antoniou. While the main subject of this discussion is leather fiction, we will also touch on other seminal texts that helped shape the leather and kink communities. This class is designed to be a fun and engaging discussion of leather literature and in no way presents featured works as canon.

Leather Lit Lectures:

Leather Lit Lectures is designed to deliver high-quality, academic-grade presentations and discussions of influential kink and leather literature by diving into each work’s history, social influence, and thematic elements.  The series/offerings include:

Justine (Marquis de Sade)

The Story of O (Pauline Reage)

The Leatherman’s Handbook (Larry Townsend)

Coming to Power ( SAMOIS)

Mr Benson (John Preston)

Urban Aboriginals (Geoff Mains)

Doc and Fluff (Patrick Califa)

Leather 301: SDS and the Stand

Most of the time when we think of safety on the bootblack stand, safety is contextualized as how the bootblack may be respected as they perform service. However, there is little discussion about another kind of safety: the use of chemical products and what to do if nasty side effects and allergies emerge. This discussion advocates for active inclusion of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) notebooks and binders in any and all bootblack kits. Participants will receive SDS sheets for commonly used products found in most bootblack kits.

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