Book Review: ‘Damn! That’s a Nice Ash!’ by Devyn Stone

If one had to choose a book to introduce cigar play to the curious novice, Devyn Stone’s Damn! That’s a Nice Ash! is it. Damn! That’s a Nice Ash!, published in early 2020, provides a comprehensive introduction to not just cigars but the kinky play involved. The text is divided into clear and concise sections,Continue reading “Book Review: ‘Damn! That’s a Nice Ash!’ by Devyn Stone”

Book Review: ‘The Areas of Control’ by Devyn Stone

Greetings friends and followers! I am gonna start doing book reviews on an irregular basis, mostly dictated by my capacity to do so. To kick things off, I am gonna start with one of Devyn Stone’s Quick Reference installations, The Areas of Control! As the series title implies, The Areas of Control is both aContinue reading “Book Review: ‘The Areas of Control’ by Devyn Stone”

Erotic Poem: “i like rubies”

i like rubies, xe purredxe trailed a fingernail down the river of flesh streaming between the folds of their shirt. transfixed, all they could do was lightly pantunder xer touch –until all breath caught quicktucked thick in a faint gaspas a thin razor blade trickled downsplitting mortality with deep velvet rubies in xer wake.

Erotic Vignette: “Leather Dress”

I happened upon a leather dress today. Caught between two sequin numbers worn through sixteen drunken club escapades, her subtle, graphite hue caught my eye, then my fingers, then my hands. I felt her up and down, and she told my fingers everything and anything they wanted to know. She thirsted for love as theContinue reading “Erotic Vignette: “Leather Dress””

Strange Bedfellows: Twisting the Bedsheets Between Kink and Politics

“Like gender, sexuality is political. It is organized into systems of power, which reward and encourage some individuals and activities, while punishing and suppressing others.” Gayle Rubin, “Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality” I have considered writing this essay for a little while now, especially since the American presidentialContinue reading “Strange Bedfellows: Twisting the Bedsheets Between Kink and Politics”

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